Debobble your clothes (before you travel)

Bobbles, pills, fuzzball, or lint balls develop on clothes the more you wear them — loose fibres get pulled from the garment and compact themselves into balls.

A crude drawing of some clothes bobbles with little faces

Bobbles make your clothes look shabby, feel rough, and worst of all — they have mass. So it is essential to debobble your clothes before you travel or you'll burden yourself with unnecessary weight.

Having less shabby clothes could aide your travels in other ways — increasing your chance of gliding through immigration checkpoints, getting upgraded to first class, or charming the ticket inspector. It won't hurt anyway.

How much weight can debobbling save?

Before debobbling for the first time this very morning I didn't have high hopes for it as a weight saving technique. So I was amazed to find that my not particularly bobbly pyjama bottoms were carrying around 0.8 grams of bobble.

For context this saves more weight that cutting rounded corners into a document, not stapling it, and replacing your sim card with an eSim combined — per garment!

How to remove bobbles?

Apparently you can remove bobbles with a razor blade — but I did it with a electric fabric shaver, which felt like a safer bet.

It's pretty simple, you just look for bobbles on your clothes, and then gently glide the fabric shaver over the bobbles.

Once you're done, you can empty the bobbles onto your scales and be satisfied at all the weight you saved.

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I don't know what makes a good fabric shaver, maybe I'll do a deep dive sometime. I used this one from Phillips and it worked great.

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