Get a content blocker for your browser

A content blocker — often called an ad blocker — is a browser extension that blocks unwanted elements of web pages. Most noticeably, ads, but also tracking scripts, malicious code, scam sites and annoying cookie banners.

A scrawled drawing of a webpage covered in ads. One add says vote voldemort, another is a before and after of someone getting their nose turned into an elephants trunk.

There are lots of advantages to getting a content blocker — they visually declutter the web, protect your privacy and security, make websites load faster, save data costs, save electricity, and increase the battery life of your devices.

If you're interested in morality, you'll be pleased to know it reduces carbon emissions and the income of data brokers too.

Perhaps most important — a content blocker prevents you from being influenced by slick ad-men and their algorithms. Who knows? Maybe you're just a few ads away from buying a treadmill or voting for a would‑be dictator.

Which ad blocker should you get?

Not all ad blockers are equal:

You can also switch browsers entirely — Brave has content blocking built in — and is built on top of Chrome.