Organize your browser bookmarks

It's easy for your browser bookmarks to become a mess. This makes it hard to find pages when you need them — and can even lead to the formation of bad habits. e.g. obsessively checking how many people have visited this site.

If you find your life disappears rapidly whenever you open your web browser, consider how the organization of your bookmarks may have an impact.

I can't tell you the best way of organizing your bookmarks, but here's the strategy I've implemented for myself and it is working great so far:

One way of organizing your browser bookmarks

  1. Delete any bookmarks for website you know are distractions — social media, bubble struggle, that sort of thing. That isn't to say you should never go on these things, just that when you do it should be because you have made a conscious decision to spend an hour popping bubbles, or arguing with bots.
  2. Delete bookmarks that are no longer useful to you.
  3. Take any blogs you follow and hide them in their own folder. Instead add them to an rss reader of your choice. I'm currently using and enjoying feedbin, but I'm sure there are many good ones.
  4. Every other website should be sorted into broad folders and then subfolders, and then more subfolders. e.g. work -> individual project -> inspiration -> motivational posters.
  5. Create a folder for new bookmarks. This is where you put new bookmarks you want to save — then you sort them out another time when you're head is in tidy-up-mode.
  6. Finally, put the bookmarks that will help you achieve your goals directly in the bookmarks bar where they're easiest to click. This might be a budgeting app, or your screen play, or perhaps you actually should be playing more bubble struggle.

Once you're done organizing your bookmarks, consider making the important ones stand out by adding white space to your bookmarks bar