Organize your toiletries chronologically

Keeping up the basic maintenance of the inner and outer face is hard. There are so many different steps — it's easy to skip one or two or all of them.

Reduce friction in facial upkeep, build a healthy habit, and potentially save thousands on dental bills by chronologically ordering your toiletries.

Two rows of toiletries. The top row labeled 'morning'. The bottom row labeled night. Toiletries for both morning and night straddle both rows. The toieltries are labeled pills, floss, teeth, soap, toner, spf cream, and night face.

Best practices for a chronological toiletry organiser

There are lots of ways of achieving this, but for best results consider the following ideas:

My recommendation

Morning and night routines often differ but have overlaps. So I created two rows — one for morning and one for night. Each action has its own space. Actions are performed from the left to the right.

I used modular organisers from Muji to achieve this. This has the advantages of being easy to change if the routine changes.

You could also draw a grid on a board, or even trace around the toiletries to create a clear missing space, like so:

A rectangle with outlines of toiletries, mostly circles, with arrows pointing to the next item in the sequence.