Pretend to cancel your digital subscriptions

Tech company execs love to replace human workers with robots. Automation generates the money required to operate the Squid Game,1 while simultaneously creating the economic environment for people to be desperate enough to participate.

However, in their haste for profits, they've automated the role of person who begs you to stay and offers you a better deal.

So, you can quickly trigger offers for discounted rates by pretending to cancel your subscriptions. It only takes a minute and you don't need to lie to a fellow human.

A pair of hands. The right hand pushes an giant unsubscribe button. The left hand has its fingers crossed.

How to get discounts by pretending to cancel your subscriptions

Not every service offers a discount when you cancel — and each service will have a different cancellation process. But the general instructions are…

For each service you're subscribed to…

  1. Login to the service via their website or app.
  2. Navigate to account settings or billing
  3. Find the cancel subscription button and click it.
    Don't confirm cancellation!
  4. See if they offer you a discount. If they do, go for it. If not, depending on the service you could just cancel it.

Which services offer discounts for cancelling?

I'm not going to collate a list of these services. The list is ever changing and life is fleeting.

But, in researching this practical betterment I did find a reddit post that helpfully compiles a list.


  1. 1

    Squid Game is a hit Netflix series where contestants play children's games for the chance to win money. If they lose, they are killed. It's fiction. Netflix does not offer discounts for cancelling your subscription.