Put a spoon in every container that requires a spoon

Scooping food directly out of jars with your hand like Winnie the Pooh is unhygienic, messy, and — depending on your commitment to the bit — requires a total disregard for appropriate kitchen attire.

But, the Pooh method of decanting food does have upsides:

I know what you're thinking. Surely there's a way of achieving the same benefits of the Pooh method without any of the downsides? Well there is…

By pre-placing a spoon in every container that contains scoopable particles — e.g. loose-leaf tea, coffee beans, icing sugar — reduces kitchen friction and the amount of washing up that needs to be done. The spoon won't need to be cleaned every time.

Expressing yourself with spoons

You could go out and buy a bunch of boring spoons from "big cutlery" — but, since these spoons will live in individual containers they don't need to match. This gives you an opportunity to collect spoons with delightful individuality.

I suggest buying spoons from thrift stores, engaging your local spoon ceramecist, or whittling one under an old oak tree while the bees buzz their morning song, and the acorns rustle in the wind.