Set your phone's home screen background to solid black

Following the same logic as switching your phone to dark mode — setting the background image for your home screen to a solid black color will save your phone's battery life and improve the longevity of your device.

Phone's with OLED displays use less energy when displaying darker colors. The most power-hungry component of a phone is the display — so a decrease in the brightness of a bunch of pixels can go a long way.1

But what about the picture of my family?

Well, that's an excellent point. People do like their family — sometimes they like their family even more than they like prolonging their phone's battery life.

A badly drawn illustration of a phone displaying a picture of a family. Then again but this time the family is obscured by app icons. Then again, but the background is now solid black

This makes sense on the lock screen — where you can see almost an entire image of a family. However, on the home screen, the background image is usually obscured by app icons. This makes for a bad viewing experience — and even makes it harder to make out app icons.

Luckily on modern phones you can have it both ways — setting a different image on your lock screen and your home screen.

How to change the home screen to a solid color on iOS

  1. Press and hold the background of the lock screen. This will allow you to edit the lock screen and home screen.
  2. Press Customise
  3. Press Home Screen
  4. Press Color
  5. Select black or a dark color of your choice
  6. Press Done


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    What is the impact of Dark Mode on battery drain?