Acquire and implement a bed brush

Crumbs get into the bed, you don't know how. It's not like you eat biscuits in bed, you would never do that. But biscuit crumbs still get in the bed — and crisps too, tiny fragments of crisps, which is weird, because you would never ever eat a packet of crisps in bed — or cereal — or let the dog in the bed.

But, still, even though you would never do that, do you sometimes struggle to get a good night sleep because of tiny itchy crumbs or dog hairs?

I recommend you acquire a bed brush.

An illustration of a brush made of long grass, possibly sorghum, with a short handle, long bristles, and a loop to hang it by.

Before doing this I didn't realise that a bed brush is a thing. I just bought a brush and it hangs on a hook near the bed. If I discover mystery crumbs, I grab the bed brush and sweep them away. It's very effective. It was only later that I discovered, not only is a bed brush definitely a thing, but the specific brush I bought is actually typically used for sweeping crumbs off beds.

Crumb-less dreams are reward enough — but improved sleep also improves your waking life. Think of all the keyholes you could lubricate with that extra energy!

What makes a good bed brush

I'm not an expert on bed brushes, but I do know that my bed brush is great. So I recommend getting one with long flexible bristles, and a short handle, and importantly a loop so you can hang it up. I have illustrated it above.

I bought my bed brush from Kanaya Brush in Kapabashi, Tokyo. A delightful shop that only sells brushes.