Create a one-tap navigation shortcut for your commute

Checking your commute for train times, bus arrivals, traffic, or existential dangers is something many of us do daily.

This can be awkward and time consuming. For instance, I used to follow this process to find out if it was worth waiting for the bus or not: locate the maps app, open it, select public transit, zoom in on my bus stop, click the little bus stop icon, look for the bus times.

If you have a similar routine, you can save precious seconds and mental effort by creating a one-tap navigation shortcut.

All it does is open the maps app (or app of your choice) with directions for your commute. The same shortcut will work for traffic, trains, and other important travel info too.

How to setup a directions shortcut on iOS

Setting up a shortcut on iOS isn't as complicated as the 11 steps below make it seem. You can also do the same steps with the map app of your choice.

  1. Open up the Shortcuts app
  2. Navigate to All Shortcuts
  3. Click the + icon to add a new shortcut
  4. Click Add Action
  5. Type maps in the search box
  6. Select Open Directions
  7. Select the appropriate choices for your commute. e.g. Open Public Transport directions from my home to my work.
  8. Tap the name of the shortcut, e.g. New Shortcut 1. This opens a menu with options like Rename and Choose Icon and Add to Home Screen
  9. Give your shortcut an appropriate name, e.g. commute
  10. Give your shortcut an appropriate icon, e.g. a bus or a horse.
  11. Tap Add to Home Screen

How to setup a directions shortcut on Android

I don't have an android phone so I borrowed one. This process was a little simpler than iOS, but less customizable.

  1. Navigate to Widgets
  2. Locate and select the Maps app widget
  3. Select Directions
  4. Select Add
  5. Select your transit type.
  6. Enter your destination.
  7. Name your shortcut something appropriate. e.g. commute
  8. Tap save to add it to your home screen.