Establish a folder for instruction manuals

When a machine you rely on displays an cryptic error message like "ER07" instead of making coffee. You can do one of two things:

  1. Spend 30 minutes looking for the manual and then have coffee.
  2. Have coffee very soon because you already know where the manual is — in the folder where you keep all the manuals that you set up after reading this practical betterment.

You should do number 2 — setting up a folder for instruction manuals saves you time in the future, makes your home tidy, and will make the next owner of your dehumidifier happy.

I recommend getting an accordion style folder for this — with alphabetical tabs to make things even easier.

Obligatory affiliate link for accordion style folder

Having done lots of research and bought a folder I like and have used for a few months — I'm updating this post with a recommendation.

It's big enough to hold booklets, it's accordion style, has alphabetized tabs, and looks nice. Hard to fault really.

Amazon — Pendaflex Heavy Duty Expanding File

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