Rename bluetooth devices to something generic and unidentifiable

Some clever thieves use bluetooth tracking apps to identify devices to steal1 — including your fancy telephone! You may also be giving away personal information to weirdos on public transit — signalling that yours is the gender they want to send unsolicited images to.2

Many devices come with a generic name often something like "Abigail's MacBook Pro" — telling people who you are and what kind of device you have.

Protect yourself from thieves and weirdos by renaming your bluetooth devices to something generic and unidentifiable.

What should you rename your devices to?

The simplest solution to this problem is have bluetooth switched off all the time. This is unrealistic for many people and requires you never slip up. Instead rename your device to something generic like "device", a random serial number like "7h61bd", or just "unknown".

Alternatively you could also rename it to something less worth stealing like "Nokia 150" or "piece of wood". You could even name your cheap phone to something like "Brand new Apple Vision Pro with bag of gold coins". Then if it does get stolen the thief will be disappointed.

How to rename your bluetooth devices

The method of renaming bluetooth devices varies but is typically something like one of these…

How to rename a MacOS or iOS device

  1. Navigate to System Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Select About
  4. Change the Name input to whatever you want

How to rename an Android phone

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select About phone
  3. Beneath the name of the phone select Edit
  4. Change the name to whatever you want


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