Drill holes in your keys

If you need multiple keys to get into your home, it can be frustrating if they all look and feel similar.

Trying the wrong key, then fumbling and trying the wrong key again wastes valuable time and mental energy.

It's especially annoying when it's dark and raining.

The solution is to drill holes in your keys.

I call them key holes. Not only are they an easy visual cue, they also allow you to feel for the correct key in the dark — and as a bonus, save weight.

Why not little key hats?

Key hats (or caps, or covers, or toppers) are little plastic doodads you put on your keys. They're supposed to help you identify your keys, but they have downsides:

A key with a cover over it with an arrow labeled 'dirt hole' pointing to the gap between the cover and key.

How to drill holes in your keys

Drilling holes in your keys is easy.

  1. Find a partner who's father is a retired precision engineer who owns a pillar drill.
  2. Ask him to do it.
  3. Be very grateful.

Bonus points

Order your keys sequentially on the keychain to make things even simpler.